Sign Install/Maintenance Team Leader

Posted 8 months ago

Date Posted: January 8, 2021

Reports to: Sign Install/Maintenance Coordinator

Area: Installation

Classification:  Full-time Regular

Schedule: M-F

Benefits Eligible: Yes


Custom Designed Signs!

SignArt has the knowledge, equipment, and industry experience to continuously push the envelope in custom sign design. We work hard to take concepts and make them reality by taking advantage of ever-changing technology and staying at the forefront of the industry. Our work speaks for itself, we don’t cut corners to “get the job,” instead our fabricators take the time to comb through each job internally and externally for a finished product that will stand out for years, not months. That’s the SignArt difference.

New Subsidiary

Aid The Neway is a new wholly owned subsidiary of SignArt. Its mission is to provide panelized, flexible, low cost structures for the delivery of all kinds of aid worldwide. The first product, of which will be a whole family of products, is a Med Station for use as an efficient, low cost way to deliver medical care to the underserved. Initially they will provide testing, treatment, and vaccinations for COVID-19. This exciting family of new products, along with a large input of funds to use for Employee Development, represents much new opportunity for existing and new employees.



  1. Sign Installation and Maintenance Work Management
    1. Read and pursue clarification of W.O.’s. and drawings, if needed. Make certain instructions and job safety requirements are adequately clear to assistant in order to optimize work performance
    2. Prepare and implement jobsite setup and safety plan
    3. Pass on other information obtained from sales and other people to your assistant(s)
    4. Inform the sign installation coordinator of special equipment, tools, supplies, and inventory as needed so these items can be pre-staged
    5. Note items required on work orders, pre-purchasing as necessary, that the coordinator has prepared for you. Augment as needed.
    6. Purchases only those items which are necessary to optimal performance of work. Get pre-approval from coordinator for purchases exceeding $20.
    7. Handling materials such as: wood, metals, electrical & lighting components, and plastic
    8. Installation of new signs and sign structures
    9. Removing and replacing parts of signs
    10. Safely operate cranes and other aerial equipment and trucks
    11. Oversee restocking inventory and general cleaning of installation equipment
    12. Documenting travel and work procedures
  • Working Conditions
    1. Physical, outdoor work
    2. Working on aerial platforms and high-above-ground equipment
    3. Out-of-town work at installations sites, often for a couple days at a time (double out-of-town premium paid)
  • Truck, Trailer, and Equipment.
    1. Make anticipated equipment purchase and major maintenance recommendations in writing to coordinator
    2. Verify timely cleaning, vehicle and equipment maintenance with coordinator
    3. Assume crew responsibility per policy, inspections, safety, which requires care for equipment and tools
    4. Visually inspect, monitor, and maintain truck/trailer cleanliness and appearance (inside and out)
  • Provide Leadership Through:
    1. Job site/crew work and safety monitoring (on-site, while traveling and at plant)
    2. Personal productivity
    3. Attitude and participative
    4. Interest
    5. Demeanor
    6. Appearance
    7. Supportiveness
    8. Listening
    9. Respectful and assertive when needed
    10. Lead by example and fostering goodwill so that when assertiveness is necessary, your assistant is accepting
    11. Willing to accept responsibility (it is hard to learn if one does not readily own his mistakes. Doing so shows maturity, coachability, and gains respect of others)
    12. Honest, trustworthy, and above all, fair to all
    13. Demonstrate excellent Leading by Example (LBE)
    14. Demonstrate humility by:
      • Recognizing your mistakes (don’t throw anyone “under the bus”)
      • Servant leader qualities by making others’ jobs as gratifying as possible
      • Perceive your job as an opportunity to assist all in being successful
      • Remember always that blame goes up the ladder and praise goes down
  • Optimization of Resource Usage
    1. Optimize CDL Hour Management by minimizing waste of CDL hours by expending time on loading, unloading, fueling, paperwork at the office, and by optimizing time spent getting work information
    2. Through thorough planning and organization, produce the most billable hours possible for your crew and equipment
    3. Assist coordinator with optimizing number of jobs performed during a trip in order to maximize income potential from each trip
    4. Try to attain zero time spent purchasing materials and equipment due to poor planning
    5. Support the coordinator as he/she tries to maintain same crew members, truck, and equipment on a job when possible
    6. If a second truck and 3rd crew member is needed, make certain the implied cost can be justified by efficient planning and implementation
    7. Minimize trips to each job site
    8. When able, try to retain “back-up work” so crew can optimize billable hours
    9. Maximize billable hours relative to out of town premium, overtime pay, fuel, and per diem costs
  • Other Objectives
    1. Look for ways and prepare yourself and your assistant so both of you can take on additional responsibility. 
    2. Review completed Work Orders and obtain missing information, photos and other documentation, without the need of prompting by invoicer (use check list method)
    3. Identify and forward immediately to invoicer those completed work orders that do not require additional administrative supervisory attention
    4. Train and monitor crew to provide:
      • Accurate and timely work order completion (generally at jobsite).
      • Expense Accounting
      • Additional information and documentation as necessary
    5. Develop and train new crews
    6. Listen and respond appropriately when others discuss outside crew and equipment appearance and performance


As a strong candidate, you will demonstrate many of the following professional and personal qualities, skills, and characteristics:

  • General Supervisory Characteristics
    1. Excellent attendance and punctuality
    2. Dependability (follow-through and feedback)
    3. Cooperation and good, supportive attitude
    4. Decision Making
    5. Safety
    6. Knowledge of job duties
    7. Quality of work
    8. Volume of work
    9. Skilled at developing assistant through OJT to enhance the speed of his/her success
    10. Know, adhere to, and be supportive of company policies
  • Knowledge/Experience Required
    1. High school diploma or GED
    2. Mechanical aptitude is a MUST (reading a tape measure, using basic tools and equipment, etc.)
    3. 1+ years of technical training and/or electrical experience is a plus
    4. Dependable self-starter who can stay on task with little supervision
  • Must be willing and able to obtain
    1. CDL Class-A drivers license immediately upon being hired
    2. Michigan Limited Sign Electrical license
    3. OSHA Crane and Aerial Equipment Certification
    4. 10 hour MIOSHA training


This is a full-time position based in Kalamazoo, MI. SignArt offers a competitive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision plans, company paid life insurance; Paid holidays and vacation time; and 401k with 50% company match up to 6% of employee contribution.

Bonuses are based on management’s perception of employee attitude, dependability, productivity, performance, and cooperation.

Sign installation and maintenance leaders have great responsibility for maintaining or enhancing project profitability. For this, these employees receive the highest wage and premiums of all the production employees. Because of these premiums, when outside employees are engaged with work in the plant, they are to be paid at the rate of comparable workers. Salary will be determined by the amount of characteristics demonstrated within the dynamics of the interview.


Please submit your resume and a cover letter to Chris Fischer, Human Resources Administrator at  No phone calls or agencies please. Due to the volume of resumes received, we are unable to respond to all applicants. Only those selected for further consideration will be asked to fill out and return the standard SignArt, Inc. employment application.


SignArt is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all candidates for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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