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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are high profile, larger than life, effective advertising structures designed to increase visibility from long distances. They are usually internally illuminated with a visible support structure that is commonly covered or decoratively clad. These signs stand apart from the building and set your company apart from the rest.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are low, free-standing structures that communicate with a customer at eye-level. They are commonly internally illuminated, though can be lit by external fixtures or ambient light. The signs offer many options for lettering and design. Common accents include brass, bronze, stainless steel or stone. These signs create a bold and lasting presence for your company.

Electronic Messaging Centers

Electronic Messaging Centers are the most cost effective option for conveying fresh information to customers. They offer the lowest cost per 1,000 exposures. They target the most important customer, the one driving by the sign, with information that can be instantly and easily changed. These signs can be embedded into monument and pylon projects and are great solutions for small businesses.

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted signs can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. The signs are built to fit your company’s logo demands and comply with landlord requirements. SignArt designs each wall mounted sign individually to account for environment, needs and budget. Signs may be non-lighted or lighted with LED or T-8 fluorescent lighting systems. These signs will add flair and value to any wall.

Directional Signs

Directional signs serve two purposes. They announce your company and help people find the services they need. SignArt designs site-specific directional signs to fit your company. If needed, SignArt can help develop a traffic control and flow strategy to maximize the signs’ effectiveness. Directional signs can be internally lit, non-lit or reflective to make sure the message is clear and your company can be found.


Awnings invite customers into your company. They make a standard door frame stand out while providing shelter and safety. SignArt can design an awning to fit your company’s building and match corporate colors and identity . These signs are accents that serve a purpose.

Interior Signs

Interior signs can be added to support any SignArt project. SignArt designed interior signs will bring the look and feel of exterior projects indoors. These signs provide directional services to customers and are designed to fulfill American with Disabilities Act requirements. These signs will maintain the consistency your company deserves both inside and out.

Low Energy Retrofits

Low-energy retro-fits are available to nearly any company wishing to upgrade their sign programs. SignArt will replace existing magnetic ballasts with low-energy electronic ballasts. Existing lighting can be retro-fitted with high-output T-8 fluorescent lighting designed to excel in cold climates or efficient LED systems. Retro-fits can be done in field, meaning your company does not lose exposure while gaining the latest environmental technology.

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